Stakeholder engagement
This pillar aims to establish an engaged community of national key actors and stakeholders in the four Ren-on-Bill focus countries (Germany, Italy, Lithuania, and Spain). The stakeholder engagement pillar includes the establishment of national stakeholder platforms to support dialogue and cooperation among utilities, financers and other relevant actors. It also aims to foster stakeholders’ capacity to develop OBS. Participating stakeholders will be involved in workshops, webinars and interviews to validate and corroborate the findings of the first pillar, scientific analysis. They are asked, for example, to provide insights on the replicability of identified OBS in their national markets, to shape developed OBS business models, and to contribute to the development and validation of the RenOnBill tool, part of the third pillar. The stakeholder engagement pillar will result in the development of national roadmaps aiming to identify needed policy, regulatory and market measures for the replication of on-bill schemes in the four RenonBill focus countries.
RenOnBill’s five pillars